Labour Social is the coming together of content creators from all walks of life and from all over Britain, united by the common aim of getting Labour back into power, as soon as possible.

Labour Social will showcase diverse political and social content across multiple streaming platforms, targeted at both Labour members and the new generation of voters.

Labour Social will be outspoken, candid, independent and crowdfunded by real people who support our efforts. We will strive for transparency, inclusivity and openness in all that we do.

The Pitch

“If we build it, it will trend…”

Our Aims



From provocative discussions to playful takes on British life, Labour Social will first and foremost seek to inform, entertain, grab attention and be worthy of sharing.



Labour Social will provide digestible information on key topics and issues to help people make informed decisions. It will also offer a platform to explain Labour policy.



Labour Social will inspire action from creative new content or sharing our content, to joining the campaign at a local level.

How It Works



Labour Social will function as a next-generation interactive TV channel, producing and sharing a diverse range of programming. We will create quality, professional content that people will trust, from people they respect, shared in the digital spaces they naturally frequent.

We will also maintain and champion a Labour Social Discord server for engaged followers, subscribers and Patreons. It will feature exclusive content, discussions, interactive Zoom chats and in-person opportunities for our highly invested community.



Labour Social will showcase diverse political and social content — commentary, reportage, interviews, discussion, humour — in various formats, from a range of popular content creators, over a plethora of social media platforms, including:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok


  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Reddit
  • Mastodon

MP Pages (Sample)

Jonathan Reynolds MP
Hyde & Staylebridge
Debbie Abrahams MP
East Oldham & Saddleworth
Navendra Mishra MP
Mary Foy MP
City of Durham

Website & Video Graham Hughes for Labour Social